“As a business owner, my philosophy with reviews and recommendations is to accept the good with the bad. Meaning that across our social media will be both positive and negative reviews.

As a business owner, I try my best to be transparent and honest and reply to every review and either say thank you or pose the other half of the story to shed some perspective. 2020 was a very difficult year for many business owners and our office just like many of yours was affected greatly by COVID19. in late 2020 we had to let go of about 60% of our in-house team for various reasons. This was a tough decision by management but ultimately the right choice and the best one for the business at the time. The release of those individuals was a decision not based on ethical issues or any criminal negligence but rather internal conflicts with alignment to our goals and principles in place. They simply were no longer good fits for our business.

Today we sit just over a quarter into 2021 and we are still working hard to rebuild our office team to serve you at our fullest capacity. We currently have some temporary hands on deck to assist with personal tax preparation and bookkeeping. More permanent members will be added to the team by early summer once we find a few individuals who are a good long-term fit for the business. Until then we ask for your continued patience and understanding as we work to navigate these difficult times while still continuing to serve you and your businesses.

You cannot please everyone and instead of trying to hide that I try to make sure there is a fair assessment of each situation presented for review. I would ask with the world in the state that it is that you look for kindness and understanding before simply ranting on social media. We are a small family-owned business that is working hard every day to stay on top of the overwhelming response to tax season in 2021. There have been over 70 changes to taxes due to COVID19 and we have to work double as hard on every return to ensure we adhere to more deadlines and provide even more information, advice and education to each of our valued clients. This will understandably put our turnaround times back a bit longer than you may be used to. We promise this is to ensure you get the best service and most complete review of your tax return prior to filing. We want to ensure there are no errors and that you have the best possible return balance.

I thank you for your consideration of our years of service and truly do thank you for being proactive and reading our reviews and considering the feedback when deciding if we may be a good fit to take care of your company and personal accounting needs.

If as a satisfied client you are pleased with the quality of work we have presented you we earnestly reach out to ask you to leave a recommendation or review so we may reach more clients and continue doing what we love!”

Danielle Pilon (Owner) 

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