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Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Party now, pay later RRSP is short for Registered Retirement Savings Plan. The idea with this type of investment account is to avoid paying tax on some of your income today and instead pay it after you retire. There are two advantages to this… Continue Reading “Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)”

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Pay now, party later TFSA is short for Tax-Free Saving Account. The name is slightly misleading because a TFSA is really an investment account that can hold all the same types of investments as an RRSP. Why you should have one With a TFSA,… Continue Reading “Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)”

Personal Tax Return Checklist

Here at Danielle’s SOS Financial we are committed to providing you with the largest tax refunds you deserve and finding every tax deduction you are eligible for. To make sure you don’t miss something, and to help you get every deduction and credit you… Continue Reading “Personal Tax Return Checklist”

2018 Personal Tax Prep Information Guide

No one wants to talk about the stress of taxes. Let us be your guide!