Danielle can offer her clients competitive rates of return on RRSP, TFSA and Open account investments. As a broker she can go directly to investment firms for her clients, on average helping them achieve 7-10% annual ROIs. 

Danielle believes in solid, safe investing for her clients, using segregated funds. These funds are used primarily for retirement purposes and are outside the scope of probate. 


  1. RRSP
  • Registered with the government
  • Small Tax break annually
  • Contribtion limit based on income
  • 100% taxable on withdrawal

2. Open Accounts

  • Not registered with government
  • No tax break annually
  • 50% Tax on growth
  • Capital Gains Tax

3. Tax Free Savings Account

  • Many Investment Options
  • Contribution Limit $5000/year
  • Back dated to 2009: 52K room
  • Growth and Principle Tax Free


Example 1

$25/Month @ 2% over 30 years

End Investment: $12,302

@25/Month @ 8% over 30 years

End Investment: $35,440

Example 2

$100/Month @ 2% over 30 years

End Investment: $49,207

@100/Month @ 8% over 30 years

End Investment: $141,761

Example 3

$250/Month @ 2% over 30 years

End Investment: $123,019

@250/Month @ 8% over 30 years

End Investment: $354,403

If I could show you a way to get your investments working harder for you, wouldn’t it be worth an hour of your time? 



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