Financial Services

In 2016 Danielle acquired her Insurance licenses in the province of Alberta. She has expanded her financial services into Insurance, Investments, and retirement planning.

Danielle has always been passionate about helping people and adding this qualification to her already massive tool belt seemed like a no-brainer.

Danielle takes an educational approach to helping families prepare for the future and manage debt through insurance, investments, and pensions. She has options to fit any lifestyle and need – including but not limited to personal and group insurance plans, investments as well as having access to fantastic mortgage brokers.

Danielle has extended her mobile services and can meet her clients on their time: either at her office (Extended business hours, evenings and weekends) or at their kitchen table. Convenient, reliable and informative Danielle is looking to expand into new markets, collaborate on a referral basis with other professionals and help as many Canadian families as possible.

“No Family Left Behind” – Mission Statement

Why do Albertans need financial planning?

The stats from STATS Canada say that 95% of Canadians won’t be able to retire at 65.

Let me provide you an example:

What if you had a job that guaranteed you $100,000/year for 30 years.


-Tax @30%  ($900,000)


-House Purchase: $450,000 ($700,000 after interest)



Example Budget

Home repair, maintenance & taxes: $350

Utilities: $200

House Insurance: $100

Phone TV Internet: $300

Vehicle Payments: $700

Car Insurance, Gas, Upkeep: $700

Groceries & Dining out: $1000

Kids School & Activities: $100

Clothing & Toiletries: $200

Misc: $200

TOTAL: $3850/month

Is this an accurate financial picture? Of course not!

Nothing included for movies, entertainment, vacations, savings, life insurance

But everyone still does those things, so the excess goes


Did you know, that Canadians are spending $1.65 for every $1.00 being brought in to the household.

They’re living a life of “Quiet Desperation”

This is resulting in the crippling debt facing Canadians.

Do we have a problem?

Do you think there’s a need for affordable, flexible savings plans?

Working with me for 30 minutes, getting an overlook at things, we can talk about options.

We work with every budget, and we adapt and grow and change with you as you need us to.

  • You owe yourself the education!
  • No consultation fee!
  • No obligation! 



Danielle’s SOS Bookkeeping Services Provides Corporate Accounting, Full Cycle Corporate Tax, Small business tax planning, Personal Tax & Bookkeeping Services to the following areas:
Edmonton, Leduc, Wetaskiwin, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Devon, Beaumont, and all rural areas in and around Edmonton.