Public Notice: Apology and Explanation

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Attention all customers, affiliates, associates, friends, and family of Danielle’s SOS Bookkeeping Services, I hope I may implore you to please kindly take a few minutes to read this service update. We stand here May 2, 2021 and you are all overdue for an explanation in regards to the status of Danielle’s SOS Bookkeeping Services. There have been many rumors, nasty stories, and bad publicity about my company popping up all over social media and it is time I cleared them up. My hope is that moving forward we can mend bridges and work to clean up TLC and catch up on your files if needed and re-form our business partnerships moving forward. 


I will first start by providing a timeline and an explanation for each time period. 

December 2020

At the beginning of December, I had to make a very difficult decision to let go of several of our staff members and an external contractor. For those who have been dealing with us for many years, you will know their names. If you were previously dealing with them in any capacity inside my business this is the official notice that they are no longer part of the business. The parting of ways came about due to budgetary restrictions, and a few personal conflicts. There have been no fraudulent activities or crimes that have taken place to warrant the dismissal. One was our senior bookkeeper handling a portion of our corporate book of business, another, was our Personal Tax specialist and the third was contracted to assist with Payroll, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables. These roles have been absorbed by me at the moment as we look to bring on new staff.

January 2021

For the last 4 months, I have been driving the ship along with our 2 remaining staff members Mohamed and Jocelyn. Additionally, we have continued to operate with our external partnership with Peter Friesen who assists me in preparing our client’s financial year-end documents and corporate tax returns.

Meet our current staff:

Mohamed, is currently working in a bookkeeping capacity taking care of his portion of our book of business. As of May 6th Mohamed will be working virtually for us from another location. We are so pleased that he has a chance to continue doing his post secondary studies while spending some time with family during these hard times. He will be best reached by email. Phone calls will be returned weekly around his split schedule of working and studying. This will be given out to his clients as soon as everything is finalized. 

Jocelyn, has personally spoken with 99% of you, as she is our lead administrator, receptionist, and office coordinator. She has been working diligently in this role for the last 2 ½ years. She is responsible for greeting and speaking to each one of you who comes to the office physically and she has largely been the contact person on the phone and behind the admin company email. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge how much she has done for the company this year and I would ask that extra kindness and understanding is extended her way when reaching out to the office. She may be dealing with over 100 clients per day and has managed to juggle pretty much all physical and digital paperwork coming in and out this tax season. 

Peter has been my external business partner since I started my business back in 2014. He has spent the last 30+ years working hard to provide clear, concise, accurate and affordable accounting services to Edmonton and area clients and has been a vital part of my business’ successes over the last 7 years. As needed, in addition, we have a small crew of contractors also assisting with completing personal tax returns this year.

Personal Explanation

Now comes the part where I explain what has been going on with me. First, let me say that if I have not had the pleasure of meeting with you in person I want to extend a sincere thank you for supporting my business and trusting us with your financial and taxation needs. Since I started this business back in 2014 I have worked hard to cultivate strong connections with all of our clients. Our mission statement has always read “Do not strive to be successful, strive to be valuable.” This fundamental idea allows us to focus on providing not only basic accounting, bookkeeping, and personal taxation services but also allows us to spend time and invest in educating our clients about how to make their money and finances work for them. We pride ourselves in having access to tools, programs, and resources that are freely available to our clients which help contribute to better financial planning, long-term strategizing, and business development.

Up until recently, this has been a strong statement I have been dedicated to upkeep. However, in the last few months, this has noticeably slipped with longer deadlines than anticipated on client returns, lags in communication, and a tight-lipped mentality where little to no details have been disclosed, leading you to feel we are not living up to our prior established “value”. This is incredibly understandable and I humbly accept that some of you have had your trust broken and our business relationship will not continue forward. I stand for everyone’s right to choose who they deal with at any time and there is no resentment. I do need to clarify though, we are not in the business of holding client paperwork hostage, threatening customers, or purposely ignoring and avoiding our clients despite the claims made by former clients online. It is disappointing to see people lie so blatantly about us online. Yes, we have had moments of falling behind, yes, our communication has been unacceptable, but we have never gone out of our way to cause harm to our clients like this.

I am the first person to say I am very humbled by my mistakes and shortcomings in dealing with the current situation and sincerely apologize for the poor service.” This ends now. Moving forward we are more comitted than ever to get back to a place of “Value” for each one of you.

Before I continue I want to state clearly that I normally do not mix personal and business life is at all possible. When we own businesses it is so easy to meld your prior personality and ambitions into the business and you can really lose yourself. In my situation, I can honestly say the personal dealings I am handling have reached a level as I’ve never experienced before. Please be aware the next few paragraphs will outline a few unpleasant activities and a few topics that are uncomfortable for most on the best of days. I can empathize but I feel due to the severity of the backlash we have experienced on social media, in order to restore any part of our reputation I must make it clear why I would choose to neglect my business in favor of external affairs. 

Since December I have been working with the Edmonton Police Service in partnership with the Zebra Center, to establish several cases and seek judgment against my ex-boyfriend for physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, not only in regards to myself but more importantly my two young daughters. We only recently uncovered the latest portion regarding our daughters in early March. Due to the highly sensitive nature of these accusations and activities, I have not been able to disclose or discuss any details with any of you. This has been a truly horrendous experience and despite my best efforts, I have simply not been able to fully juggle our extremely (fortunately) busy business and the new and ongoing obligations in regards to these matters. 

I have had many questions regarding why some of our social media accounts were taken offline about a month ago and the simplest answer I can give you is that it was a decision based on legal counsel as my ex-boyfriend has also been targeting and attempting to attack my business and the reputation I have spent so long creating in this city. Removing platforms for hate speech and death threats was the only sensible option. 

Currently offline: Facebook Business Page, Facebook Tax Group,Twitter (Dormant) and Instagram (dormant). 

Currently online: Our Website.

We hope to have our social media back up and running within the next month. This timeline will depend on the progress of the external criminal investigations. The safety of my staff, family and close friends is my top priority.

This information has been shared for administrative purposes only. I am not available to answer questions or concerns regarding my personal matters. This is an ongoing police investigation and no details will be disclosed further to this. If you would like to speak to me about your business and/personal taxes you can coordinate with Jocelyn by calling 587-754-2910 or emailing

I am sorry

I am truly sorry for the major inconvenience it created for all of you. I am able to finally post a public update and due to the large volume of clients, we serve I chose a public forum as I thought it would be the cleanest way to share this information. We are still dealing with this issue and don’t anticipate a close to it any time soon however, I am refocusing and recommitting back to my business starting immediately. I have worked too hard to fold this business and I am done letting all of you down. I am re-evaluating my schedule, reviewing all of your deadlines, and working hard to get another few individuals hired in our office who can assist with getting some of our additional workloads off my plate so I can go back to assisting all of you in my regular capacity.

We have open job postings on Indeed, Facebook & LinkedIn. I will post links to those shortly.

We are currently hiring for “Accounting Technicians” (2 openings)

The restaffing process is not instantaneous. As an office, we are hoping to have another dose of patience from you as we keep working away on completing personal income tax returns, and corporate year ends.

Deadlines – Interest & Penalties

The April 30, 2021 deadline may have passed, however, CRA accepts personal income tax filings all year. While they have not extended the deadline despite many desperate pleas from accountants and tax preparers Nationwide, they have committed to postponing the “INTEREST ONLY” portion of any 2020 tax filings for those who claimed at least one COVID benefit payment in 2020. (See full release here with rules and eligibility) 

The next upcoming deadline is the sole proprietorship deadline of June 15, 2021. If you or your spouse have a small business in your household you qualify for the delayed filing deadline.

If you normally get a refund, there is NO tax deadline for you. CRA interest & penalties only apply if you owe taxes.

Please see below some resources in regards to how penalties and interest are calculated, and finding relief if you qualify:

Tax Payer Relief

If you are in need of assistance with putting in a claim for relief of interest and penalties please let me refer you to Frank Flynn. Frank’s business is all about assisting Canadian tax payers find relief of CRA interest and penalties and I can personally vouch for him being the best in the business. The best part is that his rates are incredibly reasonable.


“I understand that not everyone has the time, legislative knowledge, or language skills to put together a compelling taxpayer relief case. I can help.”

Moving Forward: Next Steps

Thank you if you have managed to reach through this entire document. I am grateful to have your time and attention. I am truly sorry that this year could not be a bit more like business as usual considering the crazy year we had in 2020. I am very optimistic, however, that moving forward we will rapidly adjust and move back into a place of trust, dependability and efficiency we have been known for in the past. 

We understand the phone lines have been busy and our inbox has been full repeatedly. This is simply due to the high volume of individual personal income tax return clients we service and it is the thick of tax season. In addition to our regular workload there have also been over 70 changes to personal taxes. We have had to learn these new programs and where last year it took us roughly We can get up to 200 calls in a day and our emails are also very busy. I would urge you if you have sent an email and/or left a voicemail to please be patient for a few days while we work through everyone’s requests and inquiries. 

May 2021: 

I am pleased to announce we have partnered with a local Edmonton company that will be assisting us with our administrative phone and email tasks. This means when you call in it may not be Jocelyn who answers your calls now. She is however still the hands-on person at the office. We have listened to your concerns and this is the simplest way to get more contact time in with all of you. 

Our website is still a great way to contact us as well. I personally again want to say thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate this as the situation unfolds. 

Final Note

On my personal Facebook I have also posted information about my ex partner. He is currently under investigation and has been charged with several different crimes pertaining to the abuse of my daughters as of April 15, 2021. He is prohibited as a condition of release pending court of staying 100 meters or more away from myself, my family, and my daughters. Additionally, he is not to be within 100 meters from any parks or recreation facilities that would have kids under 16 present. 

With COVID already devastating our families and taking our loved ones away we hardly need another pandemic on our hands. This is a very serious pandemic sweeping our country in the last few years and we need to take a stand to stop it from happening to anyone else. Our kids are our future, they deserve the best chance, resources, tools and education we can reasonably afford to provide them. 

Here are some links for more information and how to help stop this current fight:

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