New Features: QuickBooks Online Q2

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New features in QuickBooks

Everything you need to know about our latest features and updates.

NEW features as of: January-March 2021

Employee Self Setup

for: QuickBooks Payroll

Save time and improve accuracy with self-setup. New employees can now provide their information directly via the QuickBooks Workforce portal, and have ongoing access to their paystubs and T4/RL-1.

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We’ve also added these features:

Cash Flow Planner enhancements

You can now forecast cash flow up to 24 months ahead. You can also add recurring transactions to the cash flow planner to get a more accurate view of your finances. To top it all off, you can download your forecasts as a PDF to easily share with team members, stakeholders, or your accountant.

Year-end forms filing tool

Track contractor payments, run reports, and file T4A and T5018 slips right from QuickBooks Online—that means you can generate and file contractor tax forms all in one place. Learn more

Work-papers now in the left navigation

For: QuickBooks Online Accountant

Workpapers is now accessible in the left navigation under Books to Tax within your client’s QuickBooks Online file. Workpapers offers accountants and bookkeepers year-end tools for their client engagements. Keeping track of documents, reviewing financials, and preparing financial statements is all in one place.Year-end tasksQuickBooks Online Accountant

Coming soon: we’re adding a new year-end task list in Workpapers so you can collect and organize all of your year-end to-dos. Status flags will show what tasks are in progress, completed, or waiting to be done. Having your tasks right where the work makes it easy to keep track of where you’re at and easily show your progress with your engagement.

Client letters

For: QuickBooks Online Accountant

Client letters are now available in QuickBooks Online Accountant. With this new feature, you can now create your client letters in the same place you do your books to tax work — simplifying your year-end process. Check it out

Payroll overview page

QuickBooks Payroll

The overview page is your one-stop source for everything Payroll. Keep track of deadlines, important employee dates, and your most commonly used reports, forms, and settings all in one place. Visit the Payroll tab to view the Overview Page.

QuickBooks Time

TSheets time tracking software has been rebranded to QuickBooks Time. Sign up for an easy way to keep your team on task and add accuracy to your invoicing. Staff can clock on and off using any device and approved hours integrate with QuickBooks Payroll.

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New features as of: October-December 2020

Vacation Policy

QuickBooks Payroll

Automatically include each employee’s accrued vacation liability to your chart of accounts. Set up (or edit) an accrued vacation policy and QuickBooks will automatically calculate the associated annual hours.

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We’ve also added this feature:

Year-end contractor forms – reports

Track subcontractor payments, run reports, and get your T4A and T5018 forms ready to file.

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