How to combine mindfulness with entrepreneurship

In your day-to-day life, or through your social media channels, you may have noticed a movement towards becoming more mindful. Whether you call it meditation or unplugging or becoming centered, can adopting a more mindful approach benefit you as an entrepreneur?

Can all businesses benefit from being mindful? The answer is yes! The process does not have to be difficult to take on. There are some simple steps that business owners can take in order to become more aware and attentive. As the business owner, you can lead by example and set the pace.

Offer employees a work/life balance and adopt one yourself. Your employees will be more likely to believe that they can make the most of this arrangement if they see you modelling this behavior.
Allow your employees to work from home when and if your business can accommodate it.
When developing new products, look for the most ethical source that you can afford. If you are looking to meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, you may want to explore the possibility of becoming a certified B Corps business.
What are the costs associated with being more mindful?
Think of the introduction of mindfulness in the work space as a step to furthering the mental health of your employees. If your employees know that they are able to work from home in order to balance some of their family’s needs and responsibilities, they will likely feel empowered and your business costs may decrease. You may observe a drop in sick days, a lower turnover rate and a higher rate of job satisfaction.

Quick steps to mindfulness:
Take a minute to breathe — even on the busiest of days take 5. Go for a quick walk around the floor, get outside for a breath of fresh air or take a minute to do some deep breathing in between meetings on a particularly busy day.
Really listen to what people are saying — in a meeting with colleagues or potential clients, take in what is being said. Especially when the information may challenge your way of thinking.
Remember your business’ mission and vision statements — are you working within/towards them or have you lost sight of them?
Say thank you — when someone delivers something on time and on budget take a moment to show your gratitude.
Being in the moment allows both you and your employees to identify areas for improvement more clearly or to come up with the next great idea. You may also be interested in our previous blogs about Building a healthy organizational culture and Encouraging exceptional employees towards excellence.

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