7 Regular Habits of Successful Working Women

Achieving success in the work place takes hard work, dedication and experience. You can also boost your career by cultivating regular habits into your everyday life. Although you may not think that the rituals are critical to your career, they can create balance, clear your mind and help you put your time to good use.
Be an Early Riser
You may be tempted to tap the snooze button on your smartphone or tablet’s alarm each morning, but the additional shut won’t improve your efficiency in the workplace. Business CEO’s and other career leaders get a head start to their work day by being an early riser.

Dress for Success
Your appearance can say a lot about who you are in life. Although you may favor sweats, t-shirts and other lounging clothes, to be successful, you need to dress like a pro. If you don’t have the budget to purchase designer duds, retail outlet malls have quality merchandise for less money. You can also add various pieces of clothing each season to update a stale wardrobe. Accessories such as jewelry are equally important to finish off your look.
Workout in the AM
If you’re not an early riser, it may be challenging for you to set your workouts to the morning hours. But individuals who exercise at the beginning of the day are more clear-minded in the workplace. The early day endorphins can also recharge your batteries to tackle jobs at work. You can get in the habit of working out before the sun rises by attending classes at the gym such as boot camp and weight lifting. To stay on track, you may also want to ask a spouse or friend to join you.

Make a To-Do List
Although your mind may be sharp enough to hold onto your daily duties, it’s important to manually write down the tasks. Whether you use paper, a smartphone or tablet, break the duties down into simple jobs. Prioritize the functions in order of importance. As you finish your work, cross the items off your list. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you see your list whittled down toward the end of the day.
Practice Grace and Kindness
Dealing in the business world can often get cutthroat, especially for women. Although you may want to put on your “don’t mess with me face,” grace and kindness will get you much farther. You can start by being respectful of your office employees. They’ll want to do a job well-done for those who treat them well and show compassion. You can also reward others for their hard work. Simple things such as bringing lunch in or an afternoon off can show appreciation toward those who are giving their all. You can also say thank you and please in office settings. If a task is done improperly, take the time to show your employees the right way of doing things.

Use Your Time Wisely
As a career woman, you may have a lot of balls in the air. This could include juggling family, social life and work related duties. You can make every minute count by planning your time wisely. If you have a long ride home from work, put in a book on tape or schedule business calls. Use the evening to help plan for the next day. This could include getting dinner ready in the crock pot, laying out an outfit for work or making your children’s lunches.

Shut Down for the Night
If you’ve started your day early, you’re probably ready for bedtime at a reasonable hour. To help relax your body and mind, turn off your electronics an hour before you retire. You can also spend quality time with your family by reading to your children or sharing a glass of wine with your partner and catching up on the day’s events. Between love, work, children and life, you may think you need to be some type of magician to retain the ideal balance. But women who are successful at both career and family life make it a point to set regular daily habits to keep them on a prosperous and powerful course.

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