What do Bookkeepers Actually Do?

Bookkeepers use many of the same financial recording methods as accountants. These include collecting, organizing, and tracking receipts, invoices, and other transaction details.

Today, most bookkeepers use accounting software to track and make sense of the numbers. (Stick around to learn about three of the best online accounting software tools.)

But this isn’t all bookkeepers do.

Professional bookkeepers are also responsible for a whole set of tasks on top of simple data input. They’re highly skilled in financial accounting software and should be able to:

-Train members of your team to use business accounting software to ensure every transaction is correctly accounted for.
-Resolve problems, mistakes, and confusion that arise in the financial side of the business.
-Improve your business’ financial workflow, such as adding point-of-sale (POS) tools.
-Streamline your payroll services to improve the way that you pay your employees.
-Track interest, investments, and asset depreciation.
-Set money aside for taxes.
-Follow up invoices, and chase debtors for payment.
-Prepare financial records for your accountant when tax season looms.
-And more!

Bottom-line: Bookkeepers keep your business finances running smoothly so that you can focus on serving customers and growing the bottom-line.

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