Commonly Missed Tax Deductions

Counting the various provincial credits, there are more than 400 different tax deductions available to Canadians. While there may be no crying over spilled milk, when it comes to your tax return, missing a credit or deduction might bring a tear to your eye. See if you’re eligible for any of these commonly missed tax deductions.

Medical Expenses

Even if you’ve claimed your prescriptions and dental bills, you may not have realized that other medical expenses are tax-deductible. Commonly overlooked medical expenses include
  • Private medical insurance premiums.
  • Tutoring for children with disabilities.
  • Home renovations that improve mobility or access.
  • Travel expenses to seek medical treatment (over 40 km one-way)
  • Prescription contact lens or glasses.
  • Dentures and dental implants.

Credits for Other Family Members

The word “dependent” doesn’t include just children. If you’re supporting a dependent other than your spouse and minor kids, you could be missing out on tax relief. You may be eligible to claim
  • Medical expenses for other dependents,
  • The Canada Caregiver Amount,
  • The Home Accessibility Tax Credit,
For tax years prior to 2017, a number of other credits were available for care of a family member including
  • The Family Caregiver Amount
  • The Caregiver Amount
  • The Amount for Inform Dependents.

The “Did You Know?” List

  • Did you know that if you relocated more than 40 km for work, you may be eligible to claim your moving expenses? Eligible expenses include travel costs, fees for replacing your driver’s license, and utility hook-ups.
  • Childcare expenses aren’t limited to just day cares and in-home providers. Did you know that your child’s summer camp fees might be deductible too?
  • If you’re disabled, you may have purchased a more accessible home last year. If you have a valid Disability Tax Certificate on file with CRA, you may be eligible to claim the home buyers’ amount – even if you’re not a first-time Special rules apply for taxpayers who are eligible for the disability amount.

Past Years’ Returns

Notice something on the list that you could have been claiming? Don’t worry. CRA allows taxpayers to amend past returns.

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