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How May We Be Of Assistance?


1. We Are Passionate!

Yes! It makes a difference!

2. We Work For You!

This is something we think too many accountants have forgotten

3. We Help You Fight CRA!!!

We are not scared to take on CRA for you! We have experience and know their tricks and games!



Personalized Service

We believe that you as a business owner deserve a platform to explain your business which will help us provide you the most personalized service possible.

Flat Rate Service

We do not believe in the “nickle and dime” method when dealing with our clients. We have listened to your feedback and are happy to provide this guarantee to you on both business and personal accounting services.

Comprehensive Tax Planning

We believe your personal life and business do have to come together to allow for the most comprehensive tax planning. Remember to keep your accountant up to date with big life changes.

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